Как много глупостей есть на земле, которые ещё я сделать не успел...
О жизни уже написала, надо теперь перенести ещё один сочинительства кусок в дайри.
Потому что я могу.
Сорри нот сорри.

Фандом: Ганнибал (сериал)
Персонаж: Ганнибал Лектер, упоминается Уилл Грэм.
Рейтинг: PG-13
Жанры: Слэш, POV
Предупреждения: OOC

You were the one I had the most gripping and haunting relationships with. Piano, crescendo, accelerando. All those thought-provoking things we shared. Then, from legato to staccato, our life was never smooth and sweet. You just amused me at first. But getting closer and closer I suddenly found myself being besot with your personality. Your mind was so delicate, so fragile that I simply couldn't resist the desire of invading into it, manipulating sensations, gently enforcing you to follow my rules and my game. I barely thought of the possibility to lose a control on all this. A blunder of me.

Was I sane while drawing near, were you insane while letting me being your friend? Until the very end you could hardly imagine that I was a seat of the trouble. That it was MY design. When I recognised my temtation to possess your friendship you were already going for killing me. But you couldn't deny that you, in fact, had an interest to my motives. Your empathy desired my aesthetics' comprehension. You didn't realize your wishes and I was waiting for them to lead you to me. I didn't consider you weren't so obvious. I expected you to surrender but had no choice but surrendering myself. I was so devastated but knew that you would come. You needed me asw badly as I needed you. You were beseiged for such a long time that you had to sign my traty. And I knew nyou wouldn't retreat anymore. You declared your will. You accepted me. You accepted yourself.

That's all I've ever wanted for you. For both of us.

@музыка: Kehlani – Gangsta

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